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New Regulations Capping Short-Term Rentals In a nutshell.

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

New Regulations Capping Short-Term Rentals

In a nutshell, here’s how the City of San Diego reduces short-term rentals in 2022:

- Entire home short-term rentals capped at 1% of the entire city’s housing units allowing around 5,400 to get licensed; - Only allows short-term rental owners one license per person; - Allowing an exception for the Mission Beach community for up to 1,100 licenses; - Exempting all home-sharing room rentals when the owners occupy the home; - Allows part-time short-term rental operators to get a special license to accommodate high visitor events at a lower fee; - Requires the availability for a local contact to respond within one hour to disturbances at the home; - Creates a Good Neighbor Policy to enforce strict guidelines, set up fines for violations, and a license revocation process; and - Makes a yearly assessment of the program’s effectiveness and fairness.

Short Term Rentals will have a tier system:

Tier 1: is partial owner occupied. Rented for 20 days or less out of the year. Tier 2: is owner occupied. The owner lives on site either in a room in the house you're renting or in duplex or ADU on the property. The number of Tier and Tier 2 licenses that are available are unlimited. Tier 3: Is non owner occupied. Limited tp 1% of all housing units in San Diego - decided on a lottery. Tier 4: Is non owner occupied within Mission Beach: capped at 30% of all housing units decided on a lottery.

The license application period is expected to open in the Fall of 2022

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