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Pros and Cons of Assuming an Owner's Loan


  1. Lower Closing Costs: By sidestepping the need for a new mortgage, assuming the owner's loan can trim down on closing costs, offering a financial edge to the buyer.

  2. Possibility of Favorable Loan Terms: Inheritable perks like favorable interest rates or loan terms present a compelling case for loan assumption, potentially saving the buyer significant sums over time.

  3. Avoiding Stringent Qualification Requirements: The process of securing a new mortgage can be labyrinthine, but assuming an owner's loan can offer a bypass route, particularly beneficial for those facing stringent qualification criteria.


  1. Limited Loan Options: Bound by the terms of the existing loan, buyers assuming an owner's mortgage may find themselves constrained, potentially missing out on more favorable financing alternatives.

  2. Longer Processing Time: With the need to navigate existing paperwork and potentially undergo a 60-90 day escrow process, assuming an owner's loan can prolong the time it takes to finalize the transaction, testing the patience of eager buyers.

  3. Financial Bridge Required: Should the existing loan amount fall short of the sales price, buyers may find themselves in a quandary, needing to bridge the gap with additional funds. This can prove challenging, especially if the owner has accrued significant equity. While a second loan may offer a solution, it can come with unfavorable interest rates, adding to the financial burden.

VA to VA Loan Assumption:

For eligible buyers, assuming a VA loan from a fellow service member can offer a streamlined path to homeownership. While the original borrower's VA benefits aren't necessarily forfeited, they may remain entwined with the assumed loan until its eventual payoff or refinancing.

VA to Non-VA Buyer:

When a non-VA buyer steps into the picture, the original VA borrower often needs to settle the loan to regain their VA eligibility. This entails refinancing or paying off the balance, with their VA benefits on hold until resolution.

Con for the Buyer:

A significant hurdle for buyers in both scenarios is bridging the gap between the loan amount and the purchase price. Should the existing loan fall short, buyers may find themselves scrambling for additional funds, posing a substantial financial burden.

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